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Advance Underwriting is a UK based insurance agency and intermediary specializing in insurance for Mobile and Outside Caterers, Property Owners & Landlords. We also offer cover for Professional firms or individuals who give advice for a fee, Directors & Officers Liability & Legal Expenses Insurance. Established in 1998 Advance Underwritng is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Underwriting Agency Limited.

Caterers Trailer Insurance

We offer wide cover for all mobile and outside caterers, including Mobile Catering Trailers, Static Roadside Trailers.

Caterers Liability Insurance

We can also offer Public Liability Insurance for all of the above and Roadside café's, Kiosks and beach cafes, Sandwich Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Catering from home or other premises, Contract Caterers premises . Premiums start from £108 and include Employers Liability in addition. Caterers Liability cover is available on its own or included in our Trailer Combined policy. You can get a quote and buy on line.

Miscellaneous Trailer Insurance

We can cover most types of small trailer other than Contractors Trailers, Horse Boxes or Horse Trailers, Caravans and/or Mobile Homes or Multi-Vehicle Transporters

Caterers General Insurance

Roadside café's, Kiosks and beach cafes, Sandwich Bars, Cafes, Restaurants Catering from home or other premises Contract Caterers premises

Property Owners & Landlords Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance - Widely used by solicitors, for those awaiting Probate on an inherited property or cannot sell a house and have to move, or similar reasons. Residential & Commercial Let Property Insurance

Property Owners Liability Insurance

Stand Alone Liability cover for any type of property including land, forestry, private roads, common parts, commercial and residential buildings

Package Policies

For a wide range of shops and offices

Professional Services

Professional Indemnity Insurance for miscellaneous occupations, Directors & Officers(D&O), Legal Expenses To get a quote for any of our services just click on one of the products listed on this page or you can write or email us with your requirements, or telephone us on 01473 711475.

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